Ready-to-Use Weed & Grass Killer III
convenient and fast-acting and kills
down to the roots. Kills
faster than anything else.
Dandelion crabgrass clover—
Quinclorac Glyphosate Dimethylamine

Brewed to stop life from raising or growing or reaching.
Made to dirty gold smiles that would spread and root down
in dark private chambers. I hope the roots will be strong
and far down hidden and will not be touched
by Quinclorac or Glyphosate or Dimethylamine

A white puff cloudling floats
and pinching I carry it by its scruff
like a housecat, and cradling I carry it
like grandma’s delftware vase too precious
too fragile too brittle and too old, and resting
I take it in the palm of my hand
like communion at church. So it moves
from brick black and concrete cold
to the womb nursing and warm of dusky earth.