Winter/Spring 2022

The Forest



Nurse Log

// Tricia Knoll

gender reveal

// Davi Schweizer

Sunset along the Congaree River

// Brad Kavo

The Forrester’s Son

// Brad Kavo

What the Forest Said

// Richard Weaver

Day 12

// Susan Duncan


// Callie S. Blackstone

My First Forest

// S.K. Tatiner

Within the Endangered Forest

// Karla Linn Merrifield

Slants of Light

// John Davis


// Steph Sundermann-Zinger

Trail Guide (an American cinquain)

// Susan Glassmeyer

In the Town, In the Forest

// Stephen Delaney

Balsa Flyer

// Michelle Matthees

Evergreen Trees Like Belief

// Ellen Lager

Rogue Waves

// Jules Jacob